The Motto I Live By

There are many mottos that I live by. This is one of my top 5.

There are many mottos that I’ve adopted throughout my life. Maybe one day I’ll talk through all of them, but I want to focus on the one that has been the most beneficial in my life. If I had to choose a favorite motto it is, “Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready”.

I'm a Momma... I gotta stay ready!

It’s the reason I read as much as I do, the variety of subjects that I do; why I stay up late and get up early.

The way I stay ready is by determining what to schedule in my life and what to do in real-time. Scheduling certain things in my life helps me not to have to think about them at the moment, and I handle the “real-time” things as they come. I didn’t always live like this. When I was single with no children, I just did what I wanted.

If I didn’t have to be up early, I had no game plan for how my day was going to go. I picked my outfits out about 15 minutes before I had to leave the house. I took 45-minute showers. (Ah… the good life). However, now that I’m older (and somebody’s momma), I am a bit more responsible with the way I do everything.

The Family Admin - I Stay Ready

So that means I plan out my children’s outfits for at least 7 days in advance (including hairstyles and accessories). I also plan out meals in advance and meal prep when I can cuz… I don’t really like leftovers like that. (I know... First World problems). I created an entire system behind meal planning that I figured I’d share with you. It’s my Meal Planner Template and it’s available on the website! It’s on sale for a limited time so be sure to check it out!

When I’m planning to rearrange my house (which happens at least once a quarter), I plan it out as well. Usually because there’s some sort of purchase involved (and because I’m extra like that.) I have stacks of notebooks from pricing things to drafting blueprints of what everything should look like. When the new year hits, I’m going to rearrange this space again. And you know what? I created a template so that I can stop stacking all these daggone notebooks. LOL.

I call it the Home Project Management Template (another shameless plug), that I use to manage any decorating projects in my home. It helps me to competitively price how much it will cost to do a gallery wall, or decorate for Christmas, or lay a backsplash behind my stove. I can plan everything from the cost of materials, to the length of time it takes to get it done, and even track my estimated budget vs my actual budget. (I try to stay under budget but… I mean… whatever. Don’t judge me).

I also created a binder that I use to plan out my own outfits. It has photographs of all of my clothing and jewelry. My Closet Binder allows me to plan my outfits out in advance, to see what works, make new color combinations with my outfits and when I’m shopping, I can see what I have so I don’t purchase duplicates of what I already own.

Those are just 2 areas that I stay ready for, and I'd love to hear what areas in your life do you stay ready? I’d love to hear from you! You can comment on this post, or you can catch me on Instagram.

I also have a small gift for you! I made a free calendar template that you can use for planning 2021. I hope you like it. It's FREE!!!

Now... GO GET IT. For real... head to the website and go get it.

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