Lemme Put A Bug In Your Ear...

I Got A Lil' Something For You...

So… it’s been a few weeks since my first post. I wanted to introduce myself to you first. Now that we’re acquainted, I wanted to let you know about something I’m working on.

As you all know, I’m a champion of Mommas.

All Momma’s but specifically, single momma’s. We are multipliers, managers, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and just all-around amazing – and I want to celebrate you! So…

Starting next week Wednesday, I’ll be featuring a Maverick Momma who’s an entrepreneur or in business for herself. I’ll be adding a feature called “Work It Wednesday” where I interview a fellow Maverick Momma. I want to create content for us, by us.

We all need encouragement and I wholeheartedly believe that this segment will be a blessing to you! See you next week Wednesday as we celebrate our first Momma!!!

If you know of any Maverick Momma’s that you think should be featured, or if you’re a Maverick Momma with a business, drop me a line in my email kiera@kierajacobs.com or via Instagram.

See you next week! Have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!

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