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Website Copy Bundle

Your website is your business’ digital office. From the “lobby” to the “conference room”, it’ presentation is extremely important. However, the verbiage is just as important – if not more so – than the messaging. I can help you write clear, engaging and persuasive content for your website! Check out the features below so we can started on creating content that creates clients!

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Check out the bundle features!

Website Copy Up to 6 pages

Six (6) pages of Engaging content that is branded and converts for your website up to 6 pages

3 Client Email Templates

Three (3) client email templates to begin building your audience and client base

Influencer Bio Package

The Influencer Bio Package which includes a long form, short form and social media bio. This positions you for speaking engagements, conferences as well as gives you content for the ‘About Page” of your website

3 Blog branded blog posts

Three (3) blogs/articles that speak about your brand, product or service that can be used to market your services in publications or as an individual blog post should you incorporate a blog into your website

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