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Transcription Bundle

2022 is just a few days away! You’ve been planning to launch that masterclass, course, or podcast for all of this year – but you want to do it well and you just don’t seem to have the time.

I can transcribe your video or audio for:

  • Classes

  • Conferences

  • Courses

  • Meetings

  • Workshops

  • Sermons

  • Bible Study Lessons

  • Phone conversations

  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • YouTube Videos

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Check out the bundle features!

5 Video or Audio Transcription*

Transcribe your video or audio content up to 60 minutes of recording time and 2 speakers.

2 Hashtag Sets

I will create 2 sets of 30 hashtags for you to use with all of your posts.

20 Audiograms

Create 4 audiograms for each of your videos for social media marketing

(Audiograms will be 2 minutes long each)

10 Captions (2 per video)

I will create 10 captions (2 per video) for your audiograms. (If you want captions for other photos, please specify).

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