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Book Ghostwriting Bundle

How long will you hold that book idea that you have, hostage in your head? You’ve started writing the book, but then you got busy and life happened, and the kids got sick, and the pandemic happened and so on and so on and so on…


However, there is someone waiting on your story, waiting on your expertise, waiting on your insight, waiting on your wisdom – and you’ve been putting it off because of everything that’s happening in your life. However – and I’m here for you.

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Check out the bundle features!

Fully edited manuscript 

Fully written, edited and formatted manuscript for up to 25k words in niched topic

3D images for marketing

3D mockups of your book marketing (this is great for pre-orders so you can engage your order before your book is ready)

Print Ready Formatting 

Print Ready Formatting (Word, pdf, KDP, ePub files). Hyperlinked TOC for eBooks

Engaging book Excerpts 

4 written book excerpts for the front and back covers and social media marketing

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