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Course Creation Bundle

You have so much insight, wisdom and experience that the rest of the world NEEDS to know about! You’ve recorded meetings, coaching sessions, and so much content that’s just sitting in your phone, on your laptop or even in your head. You have a 6-figure course idea – that you haven’t executed yet. I get that it can be a lot to sit down, write the outline, figure out what you want to teach and who you want to teach it to – so let me help you!

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Check out the bundle features!

5 Module Course (niche specific)

Five (5) modules that are niche specific and designed to educate your targeted audience in with information that will cement you as an expert in your chosen field.

3 Sales Copy Templates

Three (3) sales email templates to begin marketing to your desired audience outside of social media. The goal is to reach and convert!

Course Workbook

A fully written, edited and formatted course workbook so that your clients and students have the ability to take what you’re teaching and make it stick. The workbook is also fully branded.

5 Social Media Graphics

Five (5) Social Media graphics (with 3D mock ups) and captions for marketing on your various social media platforms

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