Hi! I'm Kiera!

I am a blogger, entrepreneur, content creator and coach. I've been a writer and communicator since I was a kid, and have always loved to use my style of writing to elevate everything I write.


Though journaling was always a source of peace for me, it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I  intentionally pursued my gift of writing.  With a desire to assist other people in effectively communicating themselves, I freelanced and offered my development skills to anyone who needed help. Whether it was writing resumes, editing research papers, writing poems, or assisting people in writing books – I enjoyed lending my talents to anyone who needed my assistance.

In 2018, I became a certified coach through the Breakthrough Coaching and Leadership Academy. With both this new knowledge of how to draw out the best in people coupled with my writing abilities, I began to cement myself as a Content Creation Coach.


I currently assist clients with identifying and creating content that communicates their brand's core values.  I also assist in helping new entrepreneurs make their mark in a highly competitive market.

The primary reason why content creation resonates with me is this one belief: “Everyone deserves proper presentation of their ideas and business”. It’s this belief that makes being an asset to my clients both a pleasure and a privilege.  

Currently, I reside in the greater Atlanta, GA area with my 3 amazing children - who not only keep me on my toes but run my house with a ferocity that lets me know they'll be great leaders someday. (LOL) 

Talk to you soon!